What your favourite dress colour says about your personality

Although you might not be aware of the symbolic meanings of colours, there is always a reason why we are drawn to specific colours at a subconscious level.

What your favourite dress colour says about your personality

Blue projects confidence and loyalty

Research consistently suggests that blue is one of the world’s favourite colours and it represents confidence, success, peace and loyalty. Its soothing properties put people at ease and as it can deftly convey a sense of being in control, it makes an excellent colour choice for job interviews and workwear more generally.

What your favourite dress colour says about your personality

Red is bold and passionate

People who are drawn to red hues are often energetic, outspoken and strong-willed. You enjoy living life to its fullest and don’t shy away from taking a few risks when the rewards are tempting. For those occasions when you want to ensure that all eyes are on you, wearing red can help you to ensure you are the centre of attention for all the right reasons.

Yellow conveys happiness and positivity

The colour of sunshine, yellow has the power to lift your mood and positively influence the attitudes of those around you. If you find yourself drawn to yellow hues, you are likely creative, vivacious and joyful. Yellow has been shown to encourage intelligence, making this an excellent choice for those busy work days that would benefit from an extra boost of concentration and inspiration.

Grey suggests you are self-assured and elegant

Although you might not enjoy being the centre of attention all the time, grey tones send a message that you are elegant and amiable. If you find yourself drawn to grey, you should find it easy to introduce additional flashes of colour to balance your look and showcase other facets of your personality. An elegant grey maxi dress, for example, can be styled with bold accessories for a dynamic look and you can shop your next grey maxi dress at AX Paris here.

Green expresses softness and serenity

Gentle and comforting, green tones are easy on the eyes and can help to put those around you at ease. If you enjoy green hues, it is likely that you are well-liked and are a particularly caring person who always looks out for your friends, family and colleagues. You are both charismatic and mindful, finding it easy to maintain an active social life and a positive reputation.