Mistakes to avoid when it comes to the big match

Mistakes to avoid when it comes to the big match

Playing any sport is as much about your own confidence as it is about turning up in your chosen Discount Football Kits or whatever sports kit you need and scoring as many goals as possible. Football kits from kitking can help you to look the part but you have to feel like a winner as well. There are a number of things that you can do to help with your mental focus on match day.

Work on Your Confidence

It’s of crucial important to work on your confidence and not simply leave it to chance. In order to thrive and succeed, players need to employ proactive mental game strategies before, during and after every game.

Don’t Let Life Get in the Way

To avoid the stresses and strains of everyday life affecting your game, leave whatever life issues you have on the side of the pitch. If you bring them with you into the game, this will have a negative impact on your game. Again, working on your mental state is key to thriving on the pitch.

Focus on the Positives

Stay focussed on what you have and what you can achieve on the pitch. Don’t compare yourself to your opposite team members, as you will open yourself up to negative thought patterns.

Think Strategically

Don’t focus on the outcome: focus on your game, your team-mates and what you need to do in order to play well. Focusing on the end result may well develop into an overriding concern and have a negative impact on how you play. Remind yourself of your skills and research any skills that you feel you need to improve on.

Avoid the Fear of Failure

Focus on the positives and all those drill that you have undertaken which have benefited you. You don’t need the approval of others. The fear of failure can have a tangible and negative impact on your game.

Overcome Negative Thinking

In order to reap the rewards of success, players need to avoid worrying about failure. Sportspeople who thrive in their chosen sport work actively on their mental health.

Mistakes to avoid when it comes to the big match

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure

Don’t put pressure on yourself by expecting to be perfect; this can set you and your team members up for failure. Instead, concentrate on your positive achievements. Train your mind and learn to overcome frustration, deal with pressure and focus on knowing that you have prepared 100 per cent as an individual and as a team.

And always tell yourself that you can become the best player that you want to be. It all starts in the mind. Research tells us that being mentally tough will make you a successful player.